Fall Sports

Fall Sports

Voyager Athletics Overview:
Island School embraces the idea that students benefit from regular, strenuous physical activity. While athletics remain just one part of Island School’s broad educational experience, we believe it’s a vital part. Experience suggests that students find reward from contributing to a joint effort with teammates. Lessons in teamwork also teaches them about commitment, sportsmanship, and competition, not to mention limits and stress. Friendships made on the athletic field carry over to the rest of campus life.

Island School has three varsity Fall sports that students may select from to participate in. The general time frame for competition is from August through the end of October.

Varsity and JV Girls Volleyball

The girl’s volleyball team uses a state of the art gymnasium to practice daily. Seasonally the girls have two rounds of play against other local high schools up through the middle of October.

Cross Country

Cross Country is another Varsity Sport for both boys and girls that is quite popular. Frequently Island School runners have been able to individually excel a in sport designed to foster independent goal setting and running 3 miles. We have won the Kauai Interscholastic Federation Cross Country championship for the boys in 2002 and in 2003.

Air Riflery

Air Riflery is a 10 meter marksmanship program where students train to shoot pellets at 30 bulls the size of a silver dollar in three different positions; prone, standing, and kneeling. This is a varsity sport open to all grade levels. We have often sent individuals to state competitions but have not won the team standings for either gender.


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