High School

High School

Island School’s high school offers a rigorous college-preparatory program that prides itself on both its comprehensive curriculum and individualized instruction. The expertly trained faculty continuously provides thought-provoking, critical challenges and regularly adapt their lesson plans and knowledge to the needs of their students on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.


While attending Island School, students are required to perform twenty hours of community service per year and to take college-preparatory classes in all of the following: language arts, mathematics, science, history, foreign language, visual and performing arts, computer science, Hawaiian history, and physical education. Students are challenged to test their intellectual boundaries through honors courses and in college courses at the nearby Kaua‘i Community College. Exceptional students are also challenged to take online classes at Stanford University. Each year, about 30% of graduating seniors have taken at least one AP exam.


As seniors, students complete an independent senior research project in an area they are most passionate. From inception through completion, the seniors are responsible for designing, researching and presenting a thesis, experiment or problem/solution model. Meeting at regular intervals with faculty members and community mentors, students become experts in their chosen fields and verify their expertise in a teacher-led interview. All seniors must then present their findings to the community in a thirty-minute presentation. Only after a successful interview and presentation may an Island School student earn his/her high school diploma.


See the Island School Curriculum Guide and Student/Parent Handbook for detailed descriptions of course offerings, policies and programs for grades 9 through 12.



News and Information

Mock Trial Team Prevails!

Last Thursday, our stellar defense team prevailed against Kaua‘i High’s prosecution team 93-87. Lexi Warnock ’19, was named outstanding attorney and Ethan Jeal ’18, was named outstanding witness. We compete again on Thursday, March 9. If we win, we go to the State tournament on O‘ahu on Saturday, April 1. …

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Learning About Meiosis

The high school biologists are studying meiosis! They are producing stop motion videos of this double division process that makes 4 haploid cells from one diploid cell. They are demonstrating the crossing over events that occur during prophase I, and they are making connections between the process of meiosis and …

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Opportunities for HS Students

-US Coast Guard Academy’s Summer Program – for juniors Application deadline is April 1st. Read about it here: http://www.uscga.edu/AIM/ -Find Yourself at Stanford – grades 7-12 Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies offer highly motivated, intellectually curious students the opportunity to investigate topics not typically taught in secondary schools. Students engage in small classes …

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Spring Sports

See Jen Pomroy if you’re interested in signing up. Tuesday: Boys JV and Varsity Volleyball Wednesday: Boys and Girls Golf Thursday: Boys and Girls Track & Field

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Congratulations to National History Day Participants

This year’s National History Day theme was”Taking a Stand in History.”  Ms. Capati’s 8th and 9th grade students displayed their projects and were judged by teachers and upper grade students. Students worked in teams to complete a project about a person or event of their choice that illustrated the theme. …

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