Pickleball Comes to Island School

On Wednesday, May 24, Jack Hodges, District Ambassador for the Hawai‘i District USA Pickleball Association, his wife Stephanie Hodges, Lucia Kaneshiro and Theresa Della Lana came to run a Pickleball clinic for our IS students in grades 3-8. These students were able to learn about the game, its history, rules and strategies, boundaries and equipment.

Jack and his Kaua‘i ambassadors gave demonstrations and fielded questions from students. Students were able to see how the game is played and have a chance to learn by playing with the volunteers and their classmates.

Pickleball is a growing sport that is played all over the world and growing in popularity. It is fun for all ages, very easy to learn and provides excellent opportunities for physical activity. For more on Pickleball, visit http://www.usapa.org/what-is-pickleball/

Thanks to Mr. Dean Wakamoto, a passionate Pickleball player, who connected Island School with Jack Hodges. The students were very interested in the game, which will become part of our physical education curriculum next year. Many thanks to the Halff-Feather family for their donation, making it possible to purchase  Pickleball equipment.

We are looking forward to creating a Pickleball Club at Island School next year and provide our faculty, staff and families an opportunity to get physically active through playing this game. We also are looking to be the first school on the island to initiate a Pickleball league for younger players (elementary and middle) and hold the event at Wilcox Gym. Stay tuned for more information!

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