Ceramic Students Create Sculptures

Students in Ms. Penny’s high school ceramics class are finishing clay sculpture busts they’ve been working on all trimester.  First they chose their characters and did sketches.  Then they sculpted their busts on armatures.  When they were finished, they removed them from the armatures, cut them in half, hollowed them out, and put them back together.  Then their sculptures dried for several weeks and were fired in the kiln, transforming them into ceramic ware.  Now students are applying a variety of ceramic glazes in preparation for a final firing, which will change the colors to a glassy finish.
Here are photos of some of their works-in-progress.
photo #1 – left-right
Emma Harris ’19- (Winnie the Pooh)
Rebecca Stevens ’17 – (Has a hole in the top and will have a plant growing out of its head!)
Tai Mitchell ’17 –  (They haven’t found a name for him. He reminds Ms. Penny of an Easter Island sculpture.)
Mia Lopez ’20 – (Inspired by anime art. She’ll have shiny red hair and a matte finish face.)
photo #2 – left to right
Luke Sullivan ’20 – (Darth Vader)
Kenneth Niheu  ’18 – (inspired by ancient Hawaiian art)
Aspen Wolfgang ’19 – (a serpent creature)
Gianna DeTrolio ’20 – (Homer Simpson)
Josh Graves – ’20 – (inspired by a character from a movie)
Haley Morey-Moen ’20 – (Minnie Mouse)
Micah Asuncion – grade 11 (abstracted portrait)
Janey Valente ’20 –  (portrait of Haley)

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