Congratulations to National History Day Participants

This year’s National History Day theme was”Taking a Stand in History.”  Ms. Capati’s 8th and 9th grade students displayed their projects and were judged by teachers and upper grade students. Students worked in teams to complete a project about a person or event of their choice that illustrated the theme.
The winners for History Day have the opportunity to compete at the Kaua‘i History Day (Feb 25 at Island School), where they will compete against other middle and high school students across the island.

The winners are:
Avalon O’Guin, Dina Kai’ahea-Hano Hayes, Sophia Riley Joan of Arc: Fight to the Finish
Sydney Jona, Eva Israelson, Veda Parker – Early Feminist Writer, Christine de Pizan
Taylor Mielke-Suizu, Callie Yavinsky –  Hrostvitha’s Writing
Niki Upson, Anakin Zingray, Andrew SclafaniThe Great Rising
Luke SullivanJames Batson: A Stand Against Racism
Kieran Mitchell, Katie Cook, Jackson Gamby: Lazowski’s Fake Epidemic That Saved Thousands
Gianna DeTrolio: Living Life Against Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
 Josh Graves, Matthew Vickers, Ben Metsch: T.E. Lawrence: Challenger of Empires
Lily Reynolds, Janey Valente, June Hsu: Deborah Sampson: America’s First Woman Warrior
Conor Hunt, Bryce Yoshida, Max Rovinsky: The Stand of the Black Hand
Haley Morey-Moen: The White rose: German Resistance Against Nazism
James Pratt: 1899 Newsboys Protest Unfair Work Rules
Winners of our school fair will have the opportunity to compete at the district fair on Saturday, Feb 25 (hosted by Island School).


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