Celebrating 40 Years With Rock ‘n Roll

January 27, 2017

Students danced, sang and enjoyed themselves at lunch on Friday to the tunes of OCDC (Eli Smart ’17, Noah Tjarks and Ian Cowden ’15), Pierce Bivens ’19, Will Lydgate ’01 and Chris White-Root ’06, who rocked the Wilcox Gym in live music concert. The County portable stages were the intended venue for the event, but rain clouds moved it to the Gym. Special performances were given by Lexi Warnock ’19, and Olivia Gegen ’19, as well as by Founding mother, Denise Kaufman and her daughter, Tora Smart, Auntie Mary Alfler and Megan Loomis Powers ’84, daughter of Founding Mother Diana Loomis Dahl.



Above left: students dance to the music; center: Pierce Bivens ’18 on guitar: right: Megan Loomis Powers ’84 sings an original song, backed up by Chris White-Root ’06 and Will Lydgate ’01.

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