Ceramic Students Create Sculptures

Students in Ms. Penny’s high school ceramics class are finishing clay sculpture busts they’ve been working on all trimester.  First they chose their characters and did sketches.  Then they sculpted their busts on armatures.  When they were finished, they removed them from the armatures, cut them in half, hollowed them out, and put them back …

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Mock Trial Team Prevails!

Last Thursday, our stellar defense team prevailed against Kaua‘i High’s prosecution team 93-87. Lexi Warnock ’19, was named outstanding attorney and Ethan Jeal ’18, was named outstanding witness. We compete again on Thursday, March 9. If we win, we go to the State tournament on O‘ahu on Saturday, April 1. …

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Learning About Meiosis

The high school biologists are studying meiosis! They are producing stop motion videos of this double division process that makes 4 haploid cells from one diploid cell. They are demonstrating the crossing over events that occur during prophase I, and they are making connections between the process of meiosis and …

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Opportunities for HS Students

-US Coast Guard Academy’s Summer Program – for juniors Application deadline is April 1st. Read about it here: http://www.uscga.edu/AIM/ -Find Yourself at Stanford – grades 7-12 Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies offer highly motivated, intellectually curious students the opportunity to investigate topics not typically taught in secondary schools. Students engage in small classes …

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Get Your Auction Tickets Now!

Our 38th Annual Gala Auction Saturday, March 18, 2017 Oh! My fur and whiskers! Don’t be late getting your tickets to Island School’s Gala Annual Auction. Click here to purchase tickets: http://ischool.org/admissions/payment/ Be an Auction Sponsor! Contact Rozetta to find out how! rozetta@