Mini Grant Opportunity

Announcing the Hawaiʻi Youth Sustainability Challenge

K-12 students from Hawaiʻi are invited to apply for mini grants!

This a new mini grant program aimed to support emerging environmental projects from Hawaii’s public, private, and charter schools. Design, prototype, and implement innovative and creative sustainability ideas and projects! Students are encouraged to propose fresh projects or ideas that emphasize their environmental passions and motivation, interests in conservation education and desire to create sustainable, localized change.

Student Checklist:

2) Create your HYSC Team in one of the following ways:
Individually Powered Projects – One (1) student and one (1) teacher adviser working together.
Group Powered Projects – Multiple students working together with one (1) student leader and one (1) teacher adviser.
School Collaboration Powered Projects – Two (2) or more schools are allowed and encouraged to collaborate on projects. There should be one (1) student leader and one (1) teacher adviser.
3) Develop a Hawaiʻi specific sustainability project or idea around:
-Change you want to see in your school or community to support Hawaii’s goal of achieving a sustainable future.
-Your environmental passions and desire for environmental education.
-Your motivation to make change for your school and community.
4) Submit your HYSC Mini-Grant Application via the KHF Grant Portal
5) Deadline to submit your application is January 29, 2017 at 11:59 PM. No applications will be accepted after this date

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